Dedication Wall 

If you would like to dedicate your run to a particular person, please send the Race Director an email with your dedication details and a Picture you would like posted.

Pamela Beales Wentworth, our inspiration for The Island Charities Group and our Inaugural 10K fundraiser for The American Cancer Society!  Her warm and gentle spirit was uplifting and will be missed by all.  Love, Pam and Randy Wentworth


From Holly Stone - This dedication is in loving memory of my Dad, Charles E. Stone, who lost his fight to what we are now told was colon cancer.  He had fought a strong battle years before against bladder cancer and seemed to have won that fight, but at almost 80 years old I guess his body had fought as hard as it could.  I miss him terribly everyday!!!


Pam Beales - one of her favorite photos with dad...back in the day.


Morgan Porter - our sweetest runner to date!

The newest member of The Island Charities team - Payton Green. As you can see below - a fighter with a smile and a sense of humor ...good times! Turns two in August 2016!